Welcome to our Blog

Our inaugural post. What are we about? We’re friends from University – now living in Sydney and Hong Kong – who love the outdoors and between us sports such as climbing, skiing, kayaking, trekking, surfing and running. If we won lotto we’d probably blow it on a holiday home in Wanaka or Whistler. The idea of starting a blog came about when we were doing a technical mountaineering course in New Zealand – we lucked out on the weather with severe storms and spent most of the next 6 days in Plateau Hut on Mount Cook where the main distraction was watching whether anyone brave enough to go outside to use the outhouse toilet got blown off the mountain. Watching someone walk to the outhouse only provides so much entertainment so whilst stuck in the hut the idea of starting a blog started to take form. So here goes. We’re in our early 30s and spend way too much time at work so solo’ing El Capitan or dropping into Jaws isn’t on the agenda. But as the name suggests, this blog is an opportunity to share with family and friends and anyone who is interested our more everyday adventures (and to talk about gear, cause you can never spend too much time talking about gear).

Nige & Tobes



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