Full Spectrum

It isn’t often Easter turns on the sunshine! How many long weekends have been spent bunkered down from the rain with the first signs of winter breaking through.

Not so this year. Returning from a long weekend full of sun and beach time.

No major adventures to report, but plenty of fun swimming and surfing with the kids. My four year old is taking to the water like a fish and getting lots of preparation for Nippers!

Today I got out on an old Spectrum ski to paddle the length of Mollymook Beach and back. I have to say, while they may have been around a while, they haven’t changed much over the years. This one is 90s vintage and still gets through the water beautifully. The way they pick up a runner compared to my usual kayak is something else.

Brilliant way to clear the head paddling a kilometre off shore, nothing but fish for company and the morning sun sparkling off the water.

Happy Easter.





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