Deep Water Soloing

I received this link the other day to a cracking rock climbing opportunity- Hawksbury Deep Water Soloing.

deep water

It reminded me of a film I saw a few years back at the Banff Mountain Film Festival of Chris Sharma soloing a rock arch in Mallorca. For some reason the image of the climbers soloing and plummeting into the ocean on each unsuccessful attempt has stuck with me ever since. I re-watched it today as part of the King Lines DVD. The film follows the amazing Chris Sharma as he seeks out routes in some of the most incredible locations around the world. It ties in a nice biopic of Sharma as well. You can see some clips from the film including the stunning over-water arch at this link.

king lines

Amazing to discover this climbing opportunity on our doorstep in Sydney. Berowra Waters isn’t quite Mallorca, but is still a beautiful spot for kayaking, walking etc. I enjoyed a kayaking trip there earlier this year which I’ll have to report on another day.

Another adventure to add to the wish list for another day …

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