Clifton Gardens Kayak and GoPro Mount Trial

Beautiful morning kayaking on Sydney Harbour today. It’s the first time I’ve made it out since January and the weather really turned it on.


I put in at the Southern end of Balmoral and headed around Middle Head to Clifton Gardens and back. All up a little over 8km broken up with a coffee and swim at Clifton Gardens. The water at Clifton Gardens was crystal clear and warm – much better than the other side of the head and one of the best harbour swims I’ve had.

This morning I also tried my GoPro on the kayak for the first time. I mounted using the Kayalu suction cup mount. You can see the set up on the front of my kayak in this photo:


I was surprised to find that GoPro don’t have a dedicated kayak mount amongst their vast array of mounts for every occasion. After some Google-ing I stumbled across this video reviewing various mounts and took fancy for the Kayalu.

The mount was very easy to use. A simple screw to attach the GoPro and the two pivot points on the arm allowed the camera to be manipulated into any angle I chose. The suction cup was very rigid and felt like it would take a pretty strong knock to dislodge. I was attracted by the string and carabiner clip which provide an extra layer of protection.

I used the GoPro app on my phone to remote connect to the camera and took a series of photos as well as a 20 minute video as I rounded the head. I’ll need to work on my iMovie skills to get the video in shape but have included some of the photos below.





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