Montessarat and Wingsuit Video

I was resisting posting this video given it had quite a lot of main stream press coverage, but it’s really stuck with me and I’ve been back to show it to several people over the last week.

Wingsuit flying has grown in popularity in recent years. It is definitely NOT an everyday adventure and not something I have any urge to try. Now people have started taking it to another level by flying through small gaps. All at a mere 250kph…

This video shows a flyer tackling a tiny rock gap in the spectacular Montessarat in Spain. Check it out:

This video stuck with me in part because it reminded me of my visit to Montessarat back in 2004. Montessarat is located about 45 minutes drive out of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. It is home to a Monastery officially founded in 1025 and was also Spain’s first National Park.

Montessarat is a distinctive mountain range peaking just over 1200m. The mountain is composed of a pinkish conglomerate sedimentary rock and includes some very unusual rock features. One I particularly remember is The Elephant.


There is also some great bushwalking to be had around Montessarat with a series of short walks traversing the range. I’ve included a pic below taken during my visit. Hope to get back there one day!



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