I discovered Slacklining at the Banff Mountain Film Festival last year when I saw the movie of Sketchy Andy. Andy Lewis is leading the way with slacklining taking what started as an activity to keep rock climbers occupied in down time to a sport all of its own. Andy goes from somersaults at ground level to traversing crazy heights, without ropes and even without clothes. The movie is good viewing and you can get a nice taster here:

As I’m prone to do I went online the next day and bought my very own slackline. Not satisfied with the intro size, I picked up a 25m slackline from Elephant Slacklines.


There are some great slacklining pictures available on the Elephant Slacklines Facebook page.

I was in part able to justify my purchase by choosing a hot pink variety which naturally appealed to Chloe and has made it much easier to pull the slackline out at the local park.

I had a classic example of that yesterday when out of nowhere Chloe says ‘let’s take the tightrope to the park’. After a long break it was great to get it out. Although it’s fair to say the kids were better on it than I was.


After 12 months of occasional practice I’ve made it about 10m along my slackline, but enjoy it every time I get it out. Not quite ‘Sketchy Toby’, but a lot of fun …


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