Curl Curl to Dee Why Coastal Walk

Summer is giving us an extra bonus in Sydney at the moment. While Nige is suffering cabin fever in Hong Kong we’ve been blessed with unseasonal beach weather, with blue skies and temperatures into the high 20s. This morning I made the most of it to do another of my favourite short walks – the Curl Curl to Dee Why Coastal Walk. The walk forms part of the Northern Beaches Walk and can be extended along the coast in either direction as far as Palm Beach to the North and Manly to the South. This section of the track starts at the North Curl Curl Surf Club and follows a bush track for approximately 2km along the escarpment before coming out at Dee Why Beach.


View looking back towards Curl Curl Beach from the start of the walking track

This morning the experience was made even better by a surfing competition at Curl Curl Beach – the CurlyMalJam – sponsored by Patagonia’s Manly store where I scored some Patagonia stickers and browsed the stalls before setting out. The walk features some stunning views, particularly to the North where you can see past Long Reef all the way along the Northern Beaches.


Panaroma of the view from about half way along the walk looking North along the beaches

The walk is a terrific one to do with kids with lots of different features along the way such as boardwalks, a trig point to mark the highest section of the headland and arrows to show the way.


One of the boardwalked sections near the start of the track


Trig point


Track markers

Not to mention the reward of a park, cafe, ice cream and swim in the Dee Why ocean bathes at the end of the track.


Enjoying a babycino at the Sandbar Cafe


Dee Why Ocean Bathes

The ocean was as calm as I’ve seen it around the headland today which made me wish I was out on my kayak. If the weather conditions hold I’ll try to get out tomorrow and paddle from Balmoral to Dee Why, something I’ve been hoping to do for a while.


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