Gear: Lifeproof iPhone 4S Case

Anyone who knows me will understand that I haven’t had a great run with mobile phones lately…


Maybe it has something to do with taking your phone kayaking and bush walking. Or filming iPhone movies in a blizzard at 2500m. But these smart phones are useful, and as far as I’m concerned need to be durable.

So after $150 getting my phone’s screen replaced and power button repaired I figured it was time to get a serious cover.

I’d tried the supposedly impenetrable Otterbox. It fell apart before people had stopped bagging me out about the way the phone looked – ‘what sort of phone is that?’, ‘is that from the 90s’… You get the picture.

So I was pleased to discover the Lifeproof iPhone 4S Case. You can see the cover and its various bits and pieces below.


Lifeproof cases are resistant to impact, fully sealed from dirt, sand etc and to cap it off, waterproof! Yes I was sceptical too, but the iPhone sitting in a fishbowl at the store gave me reason to try it. While it won’t replace my GoPro, I’m pleased to say the waterproof functionality works. Check out this video for an illustration:

On top of boasting durability in spades, the Lifeproof case retains enough of the iPhone’s slim design to avoid a repeat of the issues I encountered with the Otterbox.

The only disadvantage on that front is that you need an extra attachment in order to connect your headphones (which you can see in the pic below of my phone in its casing).


After a month or so of use, I’m a big convert to the Lifeproof case. It’s been on several kayaks, walks and beach trips with me and been dropped on many different surfaces, but so far looks as good as new.

My only complaints so far are that the sound quality on phone calls is a bit impaired by the casing (a problem I’m hoping to find a solution to on the Internet) and because of the seals on the case it isn’t easily removed meaning you lose the ease of being able to drop the phone into a music dock.

But in terms of providing excellent durability whilst retaining the iPhone’s appearance, the Lifeproof is a winner.


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