Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is doing the rounds in Australia at the moment.

The event brings together a selection of the best films from the Banff Mountain Film Festival held in Canada annually – the Oscars of adventure filmmaking.

The Australian tour is expanding every year to take in more venues and screenings and has come a long way since it emerged several years ago around the university scene. I’ve been going since the mid 2000s and the event is now a permanent fixture in my diary.

This year’s edition includes another terrific selection of films which you can preview in the clip below. Funnily enough, with the proliferation of web based video sharing, the majority of the films (other than the longer more commercial inclusions) can be viewed in full online via the likes of YouTube and Vimeo. I’ve included links below for those who’ve missed the opportunity to attend the tour itself.

There are a number of reviews of the tour in the Australian press. For mine the 2012 edition was certainly worth seeing, but lacked something compared with previous iterations.

The feature selection of this year’s tour was the Australian film Crossing the Ice – the story of Cas and Jonesy (famous for being the first kayakers to paddle from Australia to New Zealand) attempting to be the first to complete the return trip to the South Pole on foot. That film scooped the awards at Banff and is certainly well worth a look. But for me lacked a little of the emotion of films like Kadoma and 20 Seconds of Joy which have really stuck with me over the years.

My favourite film of the 2012 selection is probably Honnold 3.0 – the latest installment in the adventures of amazing rock climbing soloist Alex Honnold. This time around he attempts three of the biggest walls in Yosemite within a 24 hour period. He isn’t quite soloing as he clips in and out of whatever he can find on the way up, but that seems to make it even more breathtaking as he’s safe one moment and not the next. There is an incredible moment you can see in the clip below where Honnold’s foot slips as he’s approaching a clip in point, just highlighting how ridiculously exposed he is at all times.

Like most years, there are a number of short films included in the selection. Industrial Revolutions was the pick for me – a neat stunt mountain biking film set to the soundtrack of Ben Howard.

Overall, another fantastic year of the Banff Mountain Film Festival, if not quite up there with previous years.

2012 Banff Mountain Film Festival Australian Tour Selection

Industrial Revolutions

The Gimp Monkeys


Click on the following link to see Ernest:

On Thin Sea Ice 2

Flow Hunters (clip)

Crossing the Ice (clip)

Endless Roads

The festival included an excerpt of this film:

The Last of the Great Unknown (clip)

Lily Shreds Trailside

Unicorn Sashimi

Honnold 3.0 (clip)

Other films from Banff

Want more? The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is but a selection of the films that contest the festival each year. You can check out a broader selection of the films here:


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