Pittwater Paddle

Up early this morning courtesy of a 4am start to watch the Canadian F1 Grand Prix, I decided to make the most of the morning and get out on the Pittwater.

Unfortunately I was beset by more equipment failures than Mark Webber who was cleaned up by the last placed runner costing him a podium. First the key broke on my kayak lock causing me to have to jimmy the kayak out from under the straps. Then my kayak light wouldn’t work – rather essential for a 6am start in winter. Then the place I chose to put in was at too low tide meaning a solid carry and precarious entry off the nearby Wharf. Add that to forgetting contact lenses, hat, sunglasses and life jacket and it wasn’t the smoothest getaway. But I finally made it onto the water with a rigged up torch for safety light and set off.


I put in at Careel Bay off the back of Avalon and paddled over to The Basin at West Head. The headland to the West was initially shrouded in lifting cloud but to the North you could see well beyond Lion Island as the sun rose over Palm Beach.





The Basin itself was divinely calm, paddling through the boats as people gradually emerged to greet the day. The water along the beaches was crystal clear and looked to be a great spot for camping.



Approximately an hour and a half for the return journey. Fabulous way to start the day!




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