Rock climbing: Technical Wall at Tung Lung

Technical Wall on Tung Lung Island is by reputation the “jewel in the crown” of Hong Kong sport climbing. At the eastern entrance to Hong Kong harbour, it is accessible on weekends by a ferry from Sai Wan Ho that runs on a relatively limited timetable so a trip to Tung Lung tends to be a full day affair.




Technical Wall is a sport climbing area on a rock shelf by the sea with a large number of single pitch routes of varying grades. I first went to Tung Lung a few years ago on a bitterly cold (by relatively warm Hong Kong standards) winter’s day. Between this year’s persistent rainy weather and time pressures that are not compatible with the ferry timetable, it was a long time between drinks and it was good to get back.




We took the early ferry and for a while had the place almost to ourselves. A couple of climbers from mainland China had been camping on the island and were out early. The rock at Technical Wall is of a different quality to Cape Collinson where we usually go – it’s not as crumbly and access (and perhaps more importantly, egress) – is less sketchy than the traverse into the Zawn.




A crowd of familiar faces turned up on later ferries and soon the place was buzzing and it felt like at that point in time Technical Wall must have been the most densly climbed place anywhere on the planet. The weather was spectacular – sunny and clear, and the sea beautiful. By midday it was hot and the rock was radiating heat so it was time for a (not) well-deserved noodle lunch and a nap on the early afternoon ferry home.



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