Kayaking: Manly

Beautiful day on Sydney Harbour today. 30 degrees. A nice breeze blowing offshore which made for tropical island quality water near the shore.


I was paddling with a mate today so took advantage of the extra manpower to head to Manly and back. After paddling through the calm waters around Balmoral we rounded Grotto Point and headed to Manly Wharf for a coffee stop.




The return trip was more eventful. Part way back we noticed an historic sailing ship on the other side of the Harbour and paddled across the open waterway. No sooner had we turned when we noticed the Manly Ferry steaming towards us. As you do we decided to pin our ears back and head across its path. I was comforted as we paddled by stories of how 2-3 people get cleaned up by the ferries ever year but the incidents don’t get publicized. I put that out of my mind and we made it comfortably across the bow of the ferry to the ship we were targeting.


There are a lot of naval and historic ships assembling in Sydney at the moment as part of the upcoming International Fleet Review. An invitation has been extended to over 50 nations to send a warship and/or tall ship to participate in the International Fleet Review to be held from 3 – 11 October 2013.


After checking out the ship we turned back into the wind and home to Balmoral passing close by Washaway Beach which was sparkling in the pre-summer sun today.






18 responses to “Kayaking: Manly

    • Thanks for checking out our blog! Glad you like the photos. Crazy to think it has only just gone spring here and we already have that weather. I love the beaches, but there is something to be said for the snow too send skiing options are pretty limited here!

  1. Great pics and a good paddle by the look of it. Haven’t kayaked or canoed in years, paddled around up in Townsville back in the early 70’s. Definitely not as nice as Sydney harbour though. thanks for dropping by my blog.

    • Thanks! I just googled, looks great. Hope to see some trip reports in due course ­čÖé

    • Thanks and likewise! It certainly is pretty heavenly here at the moment (apart from the bush fires). Caribbean sounds like a good option

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