Walking: Lavender Bay – appreciating the little things

While rock climbing and kayaking might be more adventurous, there is something I like about a true everyday adventure. On Sunday morning I had a kids birthday party at Lavender Bay and made the most of it by including a short walk around Milsons Point and the Lavender Bay foreshore in Sydney. The walk itself is very short, but perfect for the kids with lots of things to see, touch and hear: the Sydney Harbour Bridge towering above you; trains rattling loudly over the bridge; the distinctive sound of a Sydney ferry horn; people out for their morning swim at old North Sydney Pool; kids squealing at Luna Park; native flowers; even sculptures along the path outside Wendy’s Secret Garden.

Something about having kids and writing this blog has helped me to appreciate the little things that are all around us. I’ve shared a gallery of photos from the walk below.


12 responses to “Walking: Lavender Bay – appreciating the little things

  1. Your point about having kids and appreciating the little things is so true – one of Elizabeth’s favourite things to do is to close her eyes and let the wind blow through her hair. That’s wisdom (or so I like to think!)

    • Well there’s something I haven’t thought of … Haven’t seen you on our blog for a little while Baz. You’ll see you inspired us to do Sweet Dreams!

      • Fantastic…

        We’ve been running around the outback for a couple of weeks, but no climbing happening at the moment after an Achilles operation earlier in the year!

      • Injury sucks. Just recovering from a calf and now battling a shoulder! Hope you are on the mend and get some vicarious enjoyment of the Sweet Dreams video we posted a few days ago.

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  3. Great pictures, they remind me of when I was last in Sydney (New Years 2012). Brought back lovely memories . . . .hope to go back there again soon!

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