Another unexpected benefit of blogging – World’s most dangerous hikes

Another thing I’m loving about writing this blog is discovering people all over the world who share our interests and receiving new suggestions and ideas for adventures.

I’m also getting sent some really cool adventure related articles and materials.

Today a good mate sent me this link to Dangerous Hikes which I had to share. While he suggested Nige and I needed to get out on some of these, I’m quite happy looking at the pictures… The wire crossing with 100m plus drop on the way out to the base of Sweet Dreams was more than enough for me!

On a similar vein, Nige has some cool footage that has been shared with him of some pretty crazy urban action in Hong Kong which he will post soon.









18 responses to “Another unexpected benefit of blogging – World’s most dangerous hikes

  1. I am content just looking at the pictures (thank you for sharing by the way) which are enough to unnerve me. I can read Chinese characters and in case anyone is wondering, the four words on the red banner reads, “Hope your entire family is safe.” How appropriate!

  2. Wow. I think that is one I will not be putting on the bucket list! However, I’ve done 2 pretty crazy things hiking that I never thought I’d do. The first was flying in to Lukla (the most dangerous airport in the world) to hike to Everest Base Camp. The other was Angel’s Landing hike in Zion NP, Utah, which was awesome but one of the scariest times of my life. So who knows?

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