Mount York on Foot

With my shoulder preventing any more vigorous activity I got out in the Blue Mountains on the weekend for a little bit of bushwalking. The pick was Mount York where Nige and I had climbed a couple of weeks prior (see our earlier trip report).

Mount York is at 1,061m in the western part of the Blue Mountains. The area is a popular rock climbing spot with plenty of good entry level climbing as well as more challenging routes. I saw a training group of about 20 setting up on this visit. Free camping areas line the road on the way in and are popular with people exploring the area.

There are also lots of bushwalks descending from Mount York into the valley including the track down old Coxs Road, Lockyers Road and Berghofers Pass.

The area has recently been done up and features several sign boards and monuments describing the history of the area including the first successful crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1813 by William Wentworth, William Lawson and Gregory Blaxland. Mount York is the point where they viewed the west and Hartley Valley for the first time and opened the area for farming. It is also the site of several attempts to build a pass to the Western plains including Coxs Road which was built by William Cox and surveyed by George Evans around 1815.

Coxs Road now makes for an excellent walking track, skirting the edge of the plateau with fabulous open views before passing through interesting rock formations, caves and trees as you descend. With a horde of kids in tow we opted to turn around part way down the descent to the valley which made for a good short walk using the marked alternative route to create a loop of about 1.5hours. You could continue on the track linking with Lockyers Road (approx 10km, 4hrs), Lawson’s Long Alley (approx 12.4km, 5hrs) or Berghofers Pass (18km, 8hrs).











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