Sydney’s Best Day Walk? – The Coast Track, Royal National Park

A friend who’s preparing for a multi-day tramp in New Zealand asked me yesterday what I thought was the best full day walk in and around Sydney. The answer for me is a fairly straightforward choice between something in the Blue Mountains (probably Mount Solitary) and The Coast Track in the Royal National Park. Pushed for a choice I would nominate The Coast Track for its brilliant showcase of Australian beaches and mixture of terrain – especially at this time of year when you are a good chance of seeing whales migrating along the coast.


I’ve created a poll at the bottom of this post so you can share your ideas on best Sydney day walk as well.

The Royal National Park was established in 1879 making it the world’s second oldest national park (after Yellowstone in the United States). It was the first to use the term “national park” and was originally just called National Park before being renamed after a visit from Queen Elizabeth II in 1954.

The full walk along The Coast Track from the small town of Otford to Bundeena is a bit over 27km. It is typically described as a 2 day walk but can comfortably be tackled as a strenuous day walk. There are public transport options at both ends – I generally make an early start with a 7am train from Sutherland to Otford and arrange a car shuffle back to the station at the end. However, you can equally take the Bundeena Ferry over to Cronulla to link up with the train line.

I’ve done the track annually for the last few years including once with Nige back in 2007.


After missing it last year I’m hopeful of getting out there in the next few weeks with a few friends.

Here are a few pictures taken from different years on the track to give you a taste:


17 responses to “Sydney’s Best Day Walk? – The Coast Track, Royal National Park

    • I haven’t done a lot of it – certainly not the full 250km! One to put on the list for later 🙂

      • It’s great to escape on. I did it all in July without company or support. The only bad stretch is from Watagan Hotel to Teralba where signs have been destroyed and you have to walk along a super dangerous quarry road. But that at about 210km-225km if walking from Sydney. The rest is easy to navigate, scenic and wild

  1. I’ve only done the Spit to Manly so far. My sister lives on the North Shore, so it was handy. This one looks like a good day out – will definitely put it on the list for next time I’m in Sydney!

    • Spit to Manly is a brilliant walk. Hope you make it to The Coast Track. Doing it tomorrow all going well

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