A Lifetime of Adventures Part II

A little motivation to help you through your Friday.

Following our post A Lifetime of Adventures I came across this video – what a demonstration of the fact that you are never too old to adventure and keep pushing for new goals.

And reason to hope that we might get through that ever expanding bucket list one day!


4 responses to “A Lifetime of Adventures Part II

  1. Love this video. I’ve had the pleasure of climbing some of the routes Beckey established in the north cascades… what an amazing volume of adventures this guy has had.

  2. I’m not a climber but I am a walker and cyclist. I hope that, like Fred, I am still pursuing my dreams and passions in my 80s. And that everyone who sees this is inspired to chase theirs. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Reblogged this on kragrags and commented:
    Fred Beckey remembered every route name, date and anecdote during the 90 minute talk we watched him deliver faultlessly at Kendal Mountain Festival 2 years ago. He didn’t refer to his notes once. He was 92 years of age at the time and still climbing most days of the year. If I can walk to the Co-op and carry my shopping hope when I’m 92, I’ll be quite pleased. If I’m still climbing every day, I’ll be well chuffed! The word “Legend” has been devalued by overuse in recent years – Fred Beckey restores its value.

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