Walking in Tassie: Mount Wellington

While we are experiencing hot, dry weather in Sydney with temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius, conditions in Tasmania are some 20 degrees cooler and perfect for walking. A relo of mine went out exploring on Mount Wellington in Hobart yesterday linking half a dozen tracks including the famous Organ Pipe Track into a fabulous half day walk. While I love the coast, very jealous of having a mountain on the back doorstep. Looking forward to getting down there again soon.

Here are a few pics to give you a feel.

For more info on Tassie walks see our post .


10 responses to “Walking in Tassie: Mount Wellington

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    • Thanks for the link! Enjoy your trip. Hobart is great. Do the Salamanca Market on a Saturday morning. Check out the Museum. Wander up to Battery Point to visit the big slippery dip park, old houses and Jackman and McRoss bakery. Maybe take a ferry tri the river.

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