Rock climbing: Mount Nicholson

Autumn has arrived in Hong Kong. The mercury has dropped a degree or two and the humidity lifted. Last weekend we went to Mount Nicholson, a newly bolted sport climbing area on Hong Kong island (thank you to the developers).


The walk in begins at some old World War Two bunkers. Mount Nicholson is on one side of the Wong Nai Chung gap – the scene of some of the fiercest fighting during the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong. There is a war relics trail in the area that I have walked previously. It is sobering standing at a pillbox and reading about the number of men who died fighting over it (the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Chai Wan is also well worth a visit).







Access to the main wall at Mount Nicholson is fairly involved. There is a sustained scramble with fixed ropes up a steep dirt trail with a loose surface and some loose rocks. In sections you need to be pretty sure of your footing and it would be possible to take a tumble.





We were told it is best to abseil out after the long walk in. We found two sets of rings that looked promising and lowered a guinea pig to make sure we had the right spot. In one spot the guinea pig wasn’t confident we had the right place – so we hauled him up again – and in the other he thought that the rope wasn’t long enough to be able to abseil and retrieve it. So, back down the trail we went. It turned into an 8 hour day all up which was a little more than we bargained for but a fun day out.





12 responses to “Rock climbing: Mount Nicholson

  1. I presume that you don’t mean a real guinea pig! That’s what I first thought, but it is hard to imagine carrying a guinea pig on a trek… like, in a pocket or sitting in a backpack like some lapdogs do? 😉 it is possible of course, but I suspect you would have written more about it then and also posted a picture of it if that was the case… Also, poor guinea pig… Anyway, enough about guinea pigs.

    It looks like a great (and very vertical) place.

    Ps. I agree with doublewhirler above. It is great to see IKEA bags be put to good use:-)

    • I do know someone nicknamed “Chinchilla” on account of his eyebrows but in this instance our guinea pig was a 36 year old father of two selected on account of the fact that he weighed the least and would be easiest to haul back up.

    • Hong Kong is a bit surprising that way. About 70% (from memory) of the land area is national park so there is a decent amount of climbing, lots of hiking and some surfing, mountain biking and paragliding. Not world class but a good escape from the city.

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