8 responses to “Pics of the Day: Bouldering Shek O

    • There were about 5 or so couples out for pre-wedding photos. Warm day so they must have been melting in suits and make-up …

    • It’s a nice spot and definitely the best time of year in Hong Kong. The humidity has gone and it’s cool but not yet cold.

      • Nice photos on your blog. A close friend of mine lives in Seattle so I’d like to get to Washington and Rainier one day. He used to live in Utah and I was lucky enough to visit a few times for skiing and a little ice climbing. Very nice part of the world.

      • Thank you. It’s an easy place to take pictures of, absolutely stunning. I would highly recommend getting there, it’s just amazing. So green and lush and so much life just everywhere. Utah is gorgeous too, fantastic snow. I agree

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