Spit to Manly Walk

I completed the Spit to Manly walk on the weekend with a couple of mates.

I’ve done this walk several times now and I have to say it never disappoints. Stunning views, national park bush land, remote coves that make you feel like you are miles away from the city, lots of lizards for company and a great bush track – that is being progressively upgraded with sandstone steps.

The walk can be approached from either end. I prefer starting at the Spit Bridge (pictured below) so that you can finish with coffee or lunch at Manly (or an ice cream which we did this time!).


The track initially works its way around the middle harbour inlets where boats are often moored and there are good views back towards Mosman.



Within a couple of kilometres you arrive at Clontarf where there is a kiosk, coffee shop and beach which the track joins.



The track then climbs a little higher onto the headland and enters my favourite section through the national park and past several secluded beaches.






The track itself is between 9 and 10km long.


We stretched out the legs and got it done in a couple of hours, but there are ample opportunities to explore down side tracks to the lighthouse at Grotto Point, hidden beaches like Washaway Beach or the old Depression era huts at Crater Cove (pictured in the bottom left of this shot).


As you get closer to Manly the track widens onto a walking and cycling path and enters the built up area before finishing up at Manly Wharf.






9 responses to “Spit to Manly Walk

    • You can do it either way. I generally do a car shuffle so there is one at the end. But equally you could park at Spit and get a bus or taxi back. Doing the whole thing by public transport from the city would also be easy – bus out, ferry from Manly at the end.

  1. “it never fails to disappoint” – I did a double-take when I saw these words, because it is one of the most stunning walks in Sydney ­čśë

    • Yes, I think you’ll have gathered from the post that I wholeheartedly agree. “Never disappoints”! Thanks for picking that up.

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  3. We decided to do this walk today as it was such beautiful weather in Sydney with no clouds in the sky and not too warm. We actually decided to park our car at Tania Park in Dobroyd Head which has free parking all day. We hiked to Manly from there so we missed the first part of the trail. We had lunch and a drink in Manly and then walked back to Tania Park and we’ll just do the first leg of the walk another day. One of the most beautiful walks in Sydney and a great day out.

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