Pic of the Day: Manly Beach

Summer is well and truly here in Sydney and with that I’m back at the beach training to do a little bit of surf life saving competition over the coming months. Here is a little taste from the balcony at Manly Lifesaving Club after training yesterday.



13 responses to “Pic of the Day: Manly Beach

    • Thanks! Yes a bit of a contrast, but both beautiful. The floods on your site look terrible – hope all ok now

      • You are right both are beautiful, just a temperature contrast 🙂
        For most people who were affected by the flood things are okay but there are still hundreds out of their home or their homes are forever gone. So much for the rest of us to be grateful for.

    • Yes indeed :-). I’m heading back to France next week so will try and take some with me …

  1. I was over there yesterday too – visiting Beach No 31 for my blog — and Manly was simply pumping. Every beach was packed, even Queenscliff which is usually a bit quieter.

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