Pics of the Day: Stuffing around with ropes

Back in Hong Kong and back to the Saturday morning routine of climbing with Tim and Tommy, brothers and two of the nicest guys you could meet. A large part of this routine on my part involves lounging around in the sun and that works for me. Today was about practising multipitch rope techniques for some future objectives. There were a curiously large number of discarded jeans in the area – maybe there had been one hell of a New Years Eve party.




8 responses to “Pics of the Day: Stuffing around with ropes

    • About as good as it gets here. Love the photo of what I am guessing is Point Perpendicular on your blog.

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    • Was a beautiful day. Access is nice and easy. Only about a 15 minute walk from the furthest point a cab can take you. Closer to an hour plus if you go purely by public transport. There is a good access track as there are some World War II fortifications next to it.

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