Pic of the Day: Climbing snakes, Crazy Horse Buttress

It’s not a great shot but you can see a snake on the crag in the bottom right of the photo. I’ve heard stories of snakes on ledges but seeing is believing. As we were climbing a snake made it’s way down the slab before going into a finger pocket. It spent some time with it’s head sticking out before reemerging. A local determined it was dangerous – I couldn’t get the name in English but apparently something bad happens after “5 to 7 minutes” if you’re bitten. It was picked up with a stick and moved off the crag. But it came back and seemed undeterred by people. After it failed to take the hint the locals passed sentence – death. They knew what it was and said it had to go. The executioner swung with a stick but missed the mark and this time the snake took the hint – it bolted out of the area safe and sound.





3 responses to “Pic of the Day: Climbing snakes, Crazy Horse Buttress

  1. Years ago I was deer stalking up in the hills deep in the Brisbane valley. Taking a short cut up the face I grabbed a handful of long grass and an extremely ticked off 5 foot brown snake. Not a happy moment at all.

    • Ah, not fun. My father grew up on a farm in Central-West NSW; we’d go there on school holidays and would come across browns and red bellies every now and again. If they got too close to the house my grandmother would send them off to the next world with a shotgun.

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