Benefits of Blogging

I’ve written previously on some of the unexpected benefits of blogging. This year I had a break from writing while I transitioned jobs and completed the intensive core subjects of my MBA. Thanks to some inspiration from the fantastic course I completed in San Francisco on the Science and Practice of Startups, I’ve been reinvigorated and am enjoying working on ideas to develop and improve Everyday Adventures.

This year of INSEAD has produced some amazing adventures around the world from Fontainebleau, to San Francisco, to Abu Dhabi, to name just a few.




With some amazing support from my INSEAD classmates here in Abu Dhabi, Everyday Adventures is flying again with our biggest day of views and likes yesterday. A big thank you to all for your interest and support.


And in another most unexpected benefit of blogging, I received this lovely gift from the folks at St Regis, Abu Dhabi.


Thank you for a wonderful stay (and to my classmates who I suspect had a little to do with it…).

Looking forward to working with Nige to bring you more Everyday Adventures.




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