Pics of the Day: Nikko, Japan

Japan is one of my favourite places and I probably can’t write anything about how amazing Tokyo is that hasn’t been said before. We made a short trip to Tokyo that included a road trip to spend a night at a traditional onsen near Nikko, a renowned scenic spot in the mountains a few hours north of Tokyo, with a stop at the Fukiware Falls along the way. It is a beautiful area and although we didn’t have the time (or, in the case of paragliding, the skill set) there are kayaking, hiking and paragliding options as well.







6 responses to “Pics of the Day: Nikko, Japan

    • It’s a beautiful spot. Some of the best areas where when we were driving so unfortunately didn’t get pictures.

  1. Thanks for sharing your adventures! These are all the sorts of things that I hope to do one day. Can’t wait to read more posts. Cheers.

  2. These pictures are so beautiful and not at all like I imagine Japan to be, which just goes to show what I know!

    • I think about 2/3 of Japan is meant to be mountains – there are some really pretty areas in the Japanese Alps!

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