Pics of the Day: Nikko, Japan

Japan is one of my favourite places and I probably can’t write anything about how amazing Tokyo is that hasn’t been said before. We made a short trip to Tokyo that included a road trip to spend a night at a traditional onsen near Nikko, a renowned scenic spot in the mountains a few hours north of Tokyo, with a stop at the Fukiware Falls along the way. It is a beautiful area and although we didn’t have the time (or, in the case of paragliding, the skill set) there are kayaking, hiking and paragliding options as well.







6 responses to “Pics of the Day: Nikko, Japan

    • It’s a beautiful spot. Some of the best areas where when we were driving so unfortunately didn’t get pictures.

  1. These pictures are so beautiful and not at all like I imagine Japan to be, which just goes to show what I know!

    • I think about 2/3 of Japan is meant to be mountains – there are some really pretty areas in the Japanese Alps!

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