A White Christmas – Australian style

Merry Christmas to the many people who have followed our blog during the year. Despite some time away from writing, it has been a big year with followers and hits all climbing. Thanks to all and please continue to read and share our stories.

I say “White Christmas” not because of the weather – it is anything other than snowing here in Mollymook about three hours south of Sydney, Australia – but for the wonderful ski paddle I had on the old white Spectrum surf ski today off Mollymook Beach.

Here are a few shots from another fantastic Australian beach Christmas.

Nige on the other hand is heading for a white Christmas in the New Zealand Southern Alps, 2 years after our original trip which kick started this blog. While I unfortunately can’t join this time given all the travelling with my studies this year, I’m looking forward to following the adventure!

Merry Christmas to all.








19 responses to “A White Christmas – Australian style

  1. Happy New Year from Saskatchewan, Canada – a clever headline – white Christmas in Australia? Awesome – it made me check it out!

  2. Resembles Hawaii at Christmas…where I was born and raised…and no longer reside. Not the same here in rainy, gray, dreary, cold…Seattle. 😦

  3. Climate in South Africa is more or less the same over Christmas, but last year it was actually raining on the day! Was the closest thing I’ll ever get to a White Christmas 🙂

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