I’ve been experimenting with some stand up paddle boarding during the summer holidays. It’s fair to say I haven’t got the technique down yet with more than a few falls and a tendency to veer from side to side, but certainly enjoying standing out at sea in the tropical island like conditions off Mollymook Beach.








14 responses to “SUP?

  1. Beautiful! My daughter and I went stand-up paddle boarding on the intercoastal waterway in Cape Haze, FL & we can’t wait to go again. What fun. My son enters paddle board (paddling with his arms) down the west coast of Florida – he thinks it’s fun. I would love to try SUP at our cottage on Lake Huron in Michigan – no alligators, sharks or snakes!

  2. I really want to try SUP, there’s a course in North Wales that I’m hoping to go on as soon as I have the time. It looks such a great way to explore the water 🙂

  3. Love your photos they look amazing! My husband (grew up in the Gong) and I lived in Wollongong for 8 years so not far from your neck of the woods. Wish I had explored the area a whole lot more than I did while I was there. The kids and I only recently tried SUP a week ago, its harder than it looks but was a lot of fun. Something I would like to do more of!

  4. Nice! Have tried it a bit here in Brazil and thought I was doing well. Then i tried it in Townsville on a windy day and couldn’t even stand up. Back to flat water surfaces! Pictures making me a wee bit home sick. Enjoy the summer there.

    • Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your adventures, would love to get to Brazil one day!

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