George’s Heights Track & Balmoral Beach, Mosman

Late evening trail run around one of my favourite Sydney bush and beach routes continuing my New Year fitness kick.

The George’s Heights track runs around the Sydney Harbour National Park in Mosman. You can connect the tracks in multiple directions, but I frequently use the section from Rawson Park to Balmoral via a new section of track that opened recently through Headland Park.

The views are expansive of Sydney Harbour ducking in and out of the bush line all the way. Near Chowder Bay a lengthy staircase leads through the bush alongside the military grounds down to Balmoral Beach.

You can find a good map of the tracks here.







Check out these and other walk descriptions on our Walks Page.

8 responses to “George’s Heights Track & Balmoral Beach, Mosman

  1. Holy didnt know such a gem existed there. Will walk this when i return for a visit.😉😉😉

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