Kayak Shopping

After 6 years of amazing service I’ve bitten the bullet and am in the market for a new kayak. I’ve been umming and aghing for sometime, but after the latest round of locking my back up lifting my near 30kg boat onto the car the time has come.

My current kayak, affectionately known as “Big Bird” for its yellow colouring has served, me well.


It is a Boreal Designs, Fjell model.


The boat is stable, but has a nice side to side tilt that can be used when cornering without risk of tipping. The seat is comfortable, pedal adjustment easy with simple pull to adjust straps that can be altered while you are onboard.

I remember debating the purchase at the time wondering if I would really get enough use out of it, or if I should stick with hiring. The decision to buy has well and truly paid off and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in paddling. The flexibility to go when ever you like, outside of working hours, and drop in and out at any location has been superb. Over the years we have had many Kayak Journeys throughout the Sydney waterways as well as the north and south coast. You can get taste of some of them in the video below which I’ve posted previously.

For my new kayak I am looking at the Mirage 582 Kevlar IRT. Mirage are local kayaks from Gosford just north of Sydney. I have been admiring them for several years and had many recommendations. A test paddle a couple of years back did not disappoint.


This particular model appeals to me for its light weight – 10kg lighter than my current model – and speed through the water. My only reservations are durability of a light weight model and the length which will raise some challenges with my storage space. If any one has any experience with this model or recommendations they would be greatly received.



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    • You’re right, cold water can be dangerous. Kayak clubs can provide a safe environment for beginners; many have equipment for hire to members and some provide instruction for beginners. Some clubs have pool sessions over the winter, which can be good preparation before moving outside during warmer months.

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