Kayak Balmoral to Manly Wharf

Yesterday I registered for the annual Kayak for Kids which is coming up at the end of March. It is an18km or so paddle from McMahons Point all the way around to Clontarf passing under the Harbour Bridge.

That means it is time to start getting more distance under my belt with the kayak. To start things off I went back to an old favourite paddle from Balmoral to Manly Wharf and back.


I like this paddle as it gives you the best of both worlds with the sheltered coves near Balmoral, some deep open water crossing from Middle Head to Grotto Point and then a stretch towards Manly which is much more open and exposed to the conditions.



Yesterday I thought we had perfectly calm conditions, but as it turned out experienced some rough waters off the back of Balgowlah Heights (hence my photos this time are only of the coves). With Manly Beach closed due to a shark sighting there were some added nerves too.

Paddling to Manly Cove is great as you can easily pull up on the beach and stop for a coffee and a swim before paddling back. Great way to round out a morning everyday adventure in Sydney.


I had a neat experience on the return paddle with the Manly Parasail flying directly over me for part of the journey.

You can check out more details about this paddle in my previous posts:
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For those interested in kayaking around Manly Cove you can hire at Manly Kayak Centre. There are also hires available in the northern corner near the Waterworks which is where I stop for coffee.



6 responses to “Kayak Balmoral to Manly Wharf

  1. That sounds like amazing fun! Might have to try it some day.. the shark warnings are a bit of a scare though!

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