The Zawn, Cape Collinson, Hong Kong

Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of climbing at The Zawn. We used to climb there a lot before giving it a wide berth for over a year after several incidents with rock fall. Yesterday there was another incident with a shower of rocks, the largest around tennis ball size, falling from the roof of The Zawn leaving behind a swirling cloud of dust and leaves. Unlike other rock falls we have experienced, this was not triggered by a climber as the rocks fell from far above the highest route with no obvious cause. My friend, Tim, who was stacking a rope at the base of the route was lucky not to be hit.









9 responses to “The Zawn, Cape Collinson, Hong Kong

  1. I love the fact that Hong Kong is, for many, an undiscovered paradise for all things physical. When I spent a fortnight in Hong Kong and went out into the country and walking, my friends were all surprised as my blogs and emails told the tales. All that most people know is the high buildings and shops of the city. Once you leave the city, the water and the mountains and the hills are all so refreshing (even if the air remains pollution laden). So I look at your photos with interest and envy. Looks amazing.

    • I couldn’t agree more! There is so much to do in the outdoors here and I wouldn’t have lasted here as long as I have if that wasn’t the case.

      • I recall flying back from Hong Kong next to a woman who asked me how long I had spent there. When I told her ‘two weeks’, she looked pained and asked me what I did to fill in the time, and she told me she only needs two or three days and that’s enough. When I told her I wasn’t interested in shopping, she was almost speechless. When I told her there were wonderful walks in Hong Kong she was speechless. It seemed we had nothing in common. Very amusing.

    • It’s impressive for sure and the thing I like most about the Dawn Wall is the lesson about perseverence. They were working it on and off for 6-7 years.

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