Jindabyne Kayaking: Wollondibby Creek

I have a tradition of kayaking on Australia Day. This time it was a short exploration of a no-name creek off Lake Jindabyne.

After my paddle around the main part of Lake Jindabyne on Saturday, I was keen to explore some of the waterways that flow into the lake.

North of the Jindabyne township there are three obvious inlets shown on the map: furthest north is the Snowy River which comes down from Charlotte Pass (see my earlier walk report), then the Thredbo River which we walked yesterday (post to follow) and closer to town a smaller inlet which I couldn’t identify on Google Maps.

The Snowy and Thredbo waterways look great and also offer excellent whitewater kayaking which I would love to work up to. This time around I took the option closer to town.

As you drive out of Jindabyne on Kosciuszko Road after a few kilometres you come to a holiday park and Paddy Pallin store near the turn off for Thredbo where there is a boat jetty that can be used to put in.

From there I headed north to towards an inlet and past a rock formation known as “Curiosity Rocks”.



From there the inlet looks like a dead-end, but if you head towards the end a creek opens up to the north. I followed it down for about 1.5km before the waterway became too narrow and shallow for me to continue. The creek wound it’s way through farmland and at times glassy waters making for a peaceful morning paddle.





All in all a fun exploratory paddle, although it would have been nice to be able to make it another few kilometres up stream.

Unfortunately after navigating the shallow waters of the creek, I made the mistake of not stowing my rudder as I landed back at the jetty and snapped my rudder clean off! Looks like some kayak repairs will be in order given it will take at least a month for my new boat to arrive.



Postscript: Chatting with the local store keeper at Pallin afterwards, we identified the creek on a more detailed topographical map as Wollondibby Creek which appears to go for some distance west towards the alps. Note that the map spells the inlet “Wollindibby” and the creek “Wollondibby” if you go looking for it.


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