Wallis Lake Kayak, Booti Booti National Park

At last the christening of my new kayak!

On Saturday I headed out to the Booti Booti National Park about 15 minutes south of Forster (3-4 hours drive north of Sydney). I used to come here as a kid with my parents and grandparents for swimming, paddling and sailing (see shot at the bottom of the post of me heading out with my dad in the canoe at about three years old). There are nice sandy stretches of beach and sandbanks that go for hundreds of metres out into the lake. Perfect for the kids and a great spot for adults to sit by the water and relax. There are lots of points along the narrow strip of land between Forster and Pacific Palms where you can access the water. The new Ripples on the Lake cafe is a great option where you can enjoy an idyllic lunch as well.


This was my first paddle back after illness so I took it fairly easy with a nice 45 minute paddle towards Pacific Palms. The new boat felt great, gliding through the water.










There are simple sit on top kayaks and SUPs available for hire from the cafe as well so the whole family can get in on the action.





9 responses to “Wallis Lake Kayak, Booti Booti National Park

  1. What a great place for a nice calm day of kayaking. The water looks so clear. Nice kayak you got yourself as well!

    • Thank you! Sure is, and endless waterways to explore in Australia’s Great Lakes

  2. Congrats on the new yak! It looks great—so does the water. Glad you’re feeling better! J&A

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