Lillafüred Hike: Eastern Greens walk in Hungary

I’ve recently returned from two overseas trips: the first to Europe for a friend’s wedding and reconnaissance of the Dolomites; the second to Japan which included some exploratory hiking from two of Japan’s centres in Tokyo and Kyoto.

My travels started in Hungary for the wedding of a close friend from my INSEAD studies and reunion with several INSEAD friends. 

I arrived in Budapest and then journeyed approximately 200km from Budapest by bus to the town of Lillafüred where the wedding was held. The wedding was in a grand old hotel, Palota, in a picturesque location huddled by a lake between forested hills.

  The morning of the wedding I was keen to explore the surrounding hills and get some exposure to the adjacent national park. There were hills all around the hotel, but after many unsuccessful Google searches and checking the local maps in the hotel I came up with nothing concrete and decided to head off on foot for an unchartered adventure.
I headed out the back of the hotel towards the small scenic train station south west of the hotel. From there after passing a few souvenir shops I discovered a good trail appearing to head up the hill immediately behind the hotel.

   The track passed through a cave tunnel and past some religious sites before entering the forrest proper.
I opted to take a less formed trail straight up the hill to gain some height although gather from some colleagues who followed me that the path wound its way up eventually via a series of long switch backs.

The forrest was thick and heading up it wasn’t clear that much view would be possible from the top of the hills.

It is always fun walking when you don’t know what is ahead. After some time a track emerged to my left that I thought worth a shot. It headed slightly up and towards what looked like a potential ridge. Gradually the foliage thinned and I emerged in a wonderful clearing with amazing views north west over the national parks.

At this point there was a stone marking with the words “Eastern Greens” painted on the rocks which I assume is the name of the walk, although I still have not been able to find web references. 

From there I headed up a smaller bush track which I hoped would lead to more views but turned out to be a wooded circuit path back onto the main track. I continued to explore on various branch tracks for sometime, but did not find another point comparable to the Eastern Greens.

All up the walk took me around 3 hours, although I think direct following these track notes you could cover in 1.5 hours return.

The view from the top was enjoyable and worth the hike for anyone in the area. I would be keen to explore deeper into the forrest and also see the location in winter when a smattering of snow would make it somewhat spectacular.


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