Sphinx Rock Walk: Mount Wellington

Sphinx Rock is a short walk on Mount Wellington perfect for anyone looking for a family friendly bush walk near to Hobart. Unlike most tracks on Mount Wellington, the walk is relatively flat and can be completed comfortably in less than one hour.

Mount Wellington looms over Hobart, dominating the skyline in much the same way as Table Mountain in Cape Town.  It is a veritable playground for adventurers scattered with hiking and mountain bike trails, as well as more than 400 rock climbing routes.

The walking track starts in the Springs Car Park, about half way up the mountain.  The track head is just behind the toilet block in the main car park.  The track is well formed and mainly flat passing through lush forest all the way to the Sphinx Rock lookout.

To access the lookout follow a right hand turn and pass through the child safety gate.  The lookout is on a small two-tiered rock ledge and offers panoramic views over Hobart and back up towards the famous “organ pipe” rock formations on Mount Wellington.

After leaving the lookout, you can return on the same route for an easy walk of less than 1 hour.  Alternatively, turn right from the lookout entrance and take the Lower Sawmill Track down the hill to complete a circuit back to the carpark. Just after the downhill turn is a small overhung rock climbing location often used for training purposes.

The circuit route involves a steep downhill section that can be slippery after rain and an incline back to the carpark past the appropriately named Octopus Tree.

Find more walks on Mt Wellington here or pick up a copy of John Chapman’s Day Walks in Tasmania.

Looking for more walks in Tassie, check out this recommendation.



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