Lion Rock – climbing “Gweilo”

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, in large part due to successive foot and elbow injuries (father time is catching-up with me) and because when I find something I like I tend to do it over and over again and haven’t wanted to post repetitive posts. 

Yesterday was a new experience – climbing “Gweilo”, a multipitch route up the West Face of Lion Rock in Hong Kong. Lion Rock is a prominent feature on the Kowloon skyline (on those days when the air quality is good enough to see it) and named for its resemblance of the head and mane of a lion from certain angles. It probably helps to have a few drinks first and then squint. 

At this time of year the weather is pretty unsettled and generally very hot and humid. Despite this we decided to have a crack; the uphill walk to the base of the route in the humidity was very unpleasant but the route itself was in the shade for the most part. With one pitch to go there was a sudden change in the weather and it got super windy; thankfully we topped-out just as it started bucketing rain. 


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